packing my Spain carry on

Here is a list of everything that I put into my carry on for my trip to Spain!

Real Simple
(unfortunatley my BHG magazine wasn't here yet)
Glasses (Ray Bans)
Glasses case (Ray Bans)
Contact case
Contact soloution (in the liquids baggie)
Vera small cosmetic containing:
       EOS lip balm, eye lash curler, L'oreal mascara and
       Neutrogena wipes
       Deodorant (in the liquids baggie)
Hand sanitizer (in the liquid baggie in the fox case from bath and body works)
Black cross-body (from TJMaxx) containing:
       iPhone 5s with Speck case
       Credit cards
       Sunglasses (from Target)
Ulta black cosmetic bag containing:
       iPhone charger
       Sony camera
       Extra memory card
       2 charging adapters
       Camera battery charger
       Amazon portable charger
       Amazon portable charger's charger
I also would pack my Kindle and have a season of Fixer Upper on it to watch on the plane, but I am still working on finding it!  And also I would put my Kindle charger in the bag.

The bag that I will be putting all of this in is my largest Timberland canvas bag, it fits SO much!!!


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