3 helpful packing tips

Here are 5 helpful packing tips I came up with while packing for Spain to help you make sure that you remember everything you will need!

I start by planning out my outfits for every single day I will be gone, I make a list of all of the clothing and accessories I will need for each outfit.  Then I go through like my morning routine and make a list of all the things I will need!  Like in the shower I will need a razor, body wash, shampoo and conditioner and then I will need my travel size proactiv, tooth brush, tooth paste, and I begin making a list of all of these things!  Then I make a list of all the electronics I will need and their accessories that I will need to use them.  Also, keep in mind if you're going to another country you may need things like outlet adapters...

After I am done packing, I make a list of all of the things I will need to put in my bag that I cannot put in earlier, like my phone charger, hair brush, makeup, etc.  This way when I am leaving for the airport I can go around and collect all of the things on my list and I won't forget anything!

On my trip to Spain I will have to lug all of my bags on trains, up flights of stairs and all over, so I am only bring a "carry-on" size suitcase and my Timberland canvas bag for my actual carry-on this bag has like nothing in it, so it can remain light and if I buy a ton of stuff I will be able to put that stuff in there!


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