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Spain Day 6

Today, I started my day by taking a Train to Barcelona, it was actually way better than the plane!!
When I got there I checked into my hotel which was way nicer than the one in Madrid, except the air conditioning didn't work all the way up on the 8th floor!!  But our hotel room was much bigger and had a way bigger bathroom with a bath tub!
After checking in I went to tour the old city! First off I went to a very old Gothic cathedral...

We saw ruins from the original Roman citizens, their pillars...

Then we went to another cathedral, however I was not allowed inside because I was wearing shorts, my shorts were actually half way down my thigh, definitely not booty shorts, but whatever, it was very sexist and made me not want to go in anyways.

 I walked by a group of people who had just stopped and started
dancing in the street, it was very cool!

Also, later in one of the town squares it was their monthly community gathering and they were holding competitio…

Spain Day 5

Today I took a train to Toledo!  I visited by visiting the library which had a nice little cafe and a great view!  Then I took a trip to the Cathedral Cisneros.

I passed homes with these beautiful balcony doors

Then I visited the last hand made sword shop in I purchased a sword (not a sharp one lol) and gave it to my dad.

Then after lunch I visited the Museum of Greco.

After leaving the museum I stumbled upon these amazing doors...

beautiful view of the towers

Spain Day 4

dress - Target
everything else (I was not working with much packing space)
is pretty much the same as yesturday :)

I started off the day by visiting the Reina Sofia, then made my way to Starbucks for a second breakfast - it's a small world - then made my way to the Rose Garden and the Crystal Palace.

Also I saw the post office of Spain it was ENORMOUS!!

Then I traveled to the Real Madrid football stadium and toured it and it's museum!

repeating a dish...can you tell how much I LOVE it