New Shoe Organization

so, yes I know I just did that Spring cleaning post about my re-organized closet and shoe storage...BUT I had too many pairs of shoes for my shoe cubbies  so I moved some over here to this section of my room where there is this book shelf that I got a supper long time ago from Target (if you were wondering, yes it is still available there) and it works REALLY well for my shoes, I really want to find more the little things you use to hold the shelves up because (as you can see on the right side) I had these white shelves that, if i sanded them down a bit, would fit in perfectly.  That way, if you see at the top how big the space is, right now I just have that basket which has my nicer flip flops in it and my Kate Spade bag, I could totally fit more of my like Sperry's and flats and such there.  I will keep you updated!!!


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