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Eating over priced ice cream...
 Time Sqaure
top of The Rock 
 top of The Rock view
My outfit: dress - black and white - Target, sweater - Target, sunglasses - Target, shoes - black Birks My friend Jordan's outfit: dress - TJMaxx, shoes - black Birks bags - both from TJMaxx
(and yes we have the same Birks)

My Quick School Morning Routine

leaving this is always the hardest for me, especially when I'm leaving to go to such a boring place!

 After I finally leave my bed, I go downstairs for some breaky, which is anything from waffles to a smoothie to this delicious strawberry pancake, lol thank mom
 It was delicious
Then, I head back upstairs to wash my face, put my contacts in and
And brush my teeth
 Now back to my room to remove yesterday's mascara because apparently I was too tired to take it off last night, lol
 This my makeup look, nice and simple
Now to pick out a simple outfit for school, my school is EXTREMELY casual, which is sometimes nice

I always look at my jeans and consider wearing them, butttt I rarely choose them
I chose this white American Eagle tee, Champion leggings and birks These are the accesories I wore, Target watch,  Alex and Ani bracelet and my Pandora

New Shoe Organization

so, yes I know I just did that Spring cleaning post about my re-organized closet and shoe storage...BUT I had too many pairs of shoes for my shoe cubbies  so I moved some over here to this section of my room where there is this book shelf that I got a supper long time ago from Target (if you were wondering, yes it is still available there) and it works REALLY well for my shoes, I really want to find more the little things you use to hold the shelves up because (as you can see on the right side) I had these white shelves that, if i sanded them down a bit, would fit in perfectly.  That way, if you see at the top how big the space is, right now I just have that basket which has my nicer flip flops in it and my Kate Spade bag, I could totally fit more of my like Sperry's and flats and such there.  I will keep you updated!!!


So, I went plant shopping and the place was absolutely gorgeous!

Also, they had these adorable baby chicks!  They were tiny,  I couldn't get a great photo of them because they  kept running away from me.

Here are the plants I ended up getting, I wanted to plant a little pot to life 'n up my room.

It turned out really, really pretty!!

This is the pot I used and the plant in my room looking all earthy!

what's in my lake bag

Here are the items I put into my lake/pool/beach bag during the summer!

Bag: Timberland (ew sorry it needs to be washed) bathing suit, deodorant, makeup remover wipes,
Vera Bradley wallet, hair brush, clips, hair ties,
sun screen, Sunglasses, Vera Bradley makeup bag,
touch-up makeup: foundation, beauty blender, pressed powder, kabuki brush,waterproof mascara
also a towel would be great but I couldn't find a pool towel

water bottle, cover up, Ralph Lauren baseball hat,
Tommy Hilfiger flip flops