skin care routine

Proactiv+, is the base of my skin care, I absolutely love the company and their products, it keeps my skin extremely clear!

So, when you order the Proactiv+ 3-step 30 day kit this is what you get...

Besides the three steps you also get two FREE gifts!!!

This 30 day kit is great because if you for some reason don't end up liking it, you only paid $20. not $90.
I have been using the Proactiv+ kit for over a year now and just have fallen in love!
The normal size products are three times as big, they come every 90 days, which I love that you don't have to remember to get it, it comes right to your door, right when you need it!
When the second box comes after the 30 days it comes with one free gift!

So, here's how the products work...

The first step is a scrub that really opens your pores and leaves my face extremely clean, but when you are rinsing your face you really have to make sure to do it quite a bit other wise your face can have little beads left on it which frequently happens to me when I'm in a rush.

The second step is called the "pore targeting treatment" and now that your pores have opened up it gets right in there and really unclogs your pores.

After letting the second step sit on your face until it dries you apply the complexion perfecting hydrator which is very moisturizing and feels amazing on your skin.

Before I started using Proactiv+ I had pretty bad skin, I never left my house without makeup on and I hadn't gone to school without makeup on since like 6th grade.  Now I never wear makeup on the weekends and I my typical makeup is just a little powder foundation.  These products just really helped my skin so much and my life I'm so much more confident not walking around with zits because that's all I would think about around other people.

I hope you can get a chance to try it out! ;)


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