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Gossip Girl - my sequel

I really hated the way Gossip Girl ended and mostly who the characters ended up with, besides Chuck and Blair clearly they were meant to be!  So, I decided to write this sequel to show what I think should have happened.

A Gossip Girl Sequel

After a few years of marriage Serena van Humphrey knew what we’d all been thinking Dan Humphrey just wasn't the one.  His judgmental attitude towards the Upper East Side, basically her family, had finally been too much for her.  Serena divorced Dan on a bright and cheery September morning, with her best friend Blair Bass beside her pregnant with her and Charles second child, a girl this time.  Three months later Blair gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who they planned to name Diana after his mother.  Serena was there in the waiting room along with Nate Archibald, Charles Bass’ best friend.  They hadn't seen each other since the divorce.  As soon as their eyes met when Serena entered the waiting room there was a spark big enough to light Manhattan.  They sat there, not able to say a word, finally Chuck came out glowing with the news of their baby girl’s birth.  Serena went into visit Blair and baby Diana.  As soon as she entered Blair knew something was different, the sparkle that had left Serena’s eyes when she left Dan had finally returned.  Blair began questioning Serena just like always, even after being just giving birth.  Finally Serena cracked and told Blair about the spark in the waiting room.  To this Blair replied she always knew they were inevitable.  A few weeks after Chuck and Blair hosted a brunch, who could guessed, celebrating the birth of Diana.  There Nate and Serena experienced the same spark.  This time they began to chat about life.  Serena asked Nate if he had been seeing anyone to which he replied no.  A few nights later Nate and Serena went out and this kept happening for the next several months.  One night Nate and Serena were laying in bed, as they had moved in together the month before, Nate, not knowing Serena wasn't completely asleep, told her he was going to marry her some day.  She smiled, she just couldn't help it, and he immediately blushed and four months later after some planning Serena walked down the aisle and said “I do” for the last time to the love of her life, Nate.  There seated in the front row was her lovely mother Lily Humphrey who two months early had remarried the love of her life, Rufus Humphrey, the man she’d been in love  with for thirty years, the only man she ever truly loved.  And as for Dan, he got a cat and named it Merena and later married the woman we all hated the most, Vanessa Abrams, they deserved each other.


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