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February Favoties

This month I tried several new things and loved them, so here are my favorites
My favorite nail polish this month was the OPI "rollin in cashmere" which is a beautiful gold.

My favorite makeup product this month is the AVON true color rose lustre (T310)

My favorite candle scent has been Yankee candle clean cotton tart.

My favorite skin care product is the Proactiv refining mask is THE best, I wear it to bed all the time and I can seriously see a difference in the morning!
My favorite perfume is the Victoria Perfume

My favorite food this month is mint Oreo's, they are so just perfect!

My favorite drink this month is from Starbucks and it's their caramel flan latte, it's so creamy and perfect.

Hope you enjoyed my February favorites!

St. Patty's Rice Krispie Treats

St. Patrick's day may be several weeks away, BUT I'm always looking for a reason to celebrate, so here is my first St. Patty's day treat!
So, today I'm sharing the easiest possible way to make Rice Krispie treats in your microwave!!!
Ingredients: 5 cups crispy rice cereal

1 bag (10oz) of mini marshmallows

4 tbsp salted butter

green food coloring

Directions: 1. butter a Pyrex dish

2. melt the butter in the microwave in the biggest bowl that will fit in your microwave 3. add the bag of marshmallows and put in the microwave for 2.5 minutes 4. now stir the marshmallows and the butter together and quickly add the crispy rice cereal 5. now pour in the green food coloring mixing well 6. spoon into buttered dish 7. before it cools (so they will stick) add the sprinkles

American Sniper

This past weekend I went and saw American Sniper WOW. It was a very powerful and moving movie, that made me cry in sadness for his wife's loss and for all of the soldiers over seas and here fighting for us right now.  It really made me begin to realize all that all if those people are selflessly doing for others.  Most movies have a boring part, but this movie just kept grabbing my attention! I would give this...

So, I recommend going to see it ASAP!

playdough recipe

So, over winter break I have been frequently babysitting and I was on Pinterest looking for ideas to do with kids and I decided to make home made playdough!
So, here's a home-made play dough recipe that if eaten won't kill and really impresses the parents!!! :)
1 cup white flour  1/2 cup salt  2 tbsp cream of tartar  1 tbsp oil  1 cup water  food coloring
Stir the first four ingredients together in a sauce pan and then on medium add water. Take off heat and knead then knead in food coloring!

Gossip Girl - my sequel

I really hated the way Gossip Girl ended and mostly who the characters ended up with, besides Chuck and Blair clearly they were meant to be!  So, I decided to write this sequel to show what I think should have happened.
A Gossip Girl Sequel
After a few years of marriage Serena van Humphrey knew what we’d all been thinking Dan Humphrey just wasn't the one.  His judgmental attitude towards the Upper East Side, basically her family, had finally been too much for her.  Serena divorced Dan on a bright and cheery September morning, with her best friend Blair Bass beside her pregnant with her and Charles second child, a girl this time.  Three months later Blair gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who they planned to name Diana after his mother.  Serena was there in the waiting room along with Nate Archibald, Charles Bass’ best friend.  They hadn't seen each other since the divorce.  As soon as their eyes met when Serena entered the waiting room there was a spark big enough to light Ma…

January Favorites

January went by really slowly to me, so I feel like because of that I have lots of favorites!!
OPI "love is hot and coal" - it's a grayish plum color, it's dark but not black a perfect winter color.
My next favorite is the Victoria Secret "aqua kiss" this is a great, not fruity smell
I use these Target cleansing makeup remover wipes are so great they remove all of my face makeup and my eye makeup, I have used so many of these!
My favorite candle this month is this Yankee Candle "Summer Scoop" I also got this cute owl candle holder from Yankee Candle.

This Covergirl and Olay simply ageless sculpting blush is awesome!

A great Home Goods find!

In the Home Goods clearance I found this beautiful rustic tall drawer set on sale - $69.99, a GREAT deal, it looks perfect in my bedroom as it is white and has four grayish drawers!

On top of the drawers I have a 'lil hat stack, on top is a polo ralph lauren hat, middle navy vineyard vines hat and on the bottom is a camo mossy oak hat, bet ya didn't see that hat coming, lol!
Also I have a little yankee candle owl wax melter!
In the first drawer I have some receipts to keep in case I decide to return these items and some command hooks.
The second drawer contains my laptop charger, pretty empty!
In the third drawer are some sunglasses and glasses, also pretty empty so far!!
In the fourth drawer there is NOTHING.
In the fifth drawer I have put a couple movies, phone cases, ear buds, batteries and that kind of stuff.

Pretty much, I haven't really put a lot in this yet!


So, over this past week I did a little outlet shopping and ordered some stuff online!

I ordered this cute Vineyard Vines hat, it's navy blue with the pink whale - $25

I also ordered two things from Necessary Clothing...
This "X out" dress in navy - $12.99

And this "the Necessary basic shirt" in heather gray - $18.99

At the outlets I went to Ralph Lauren and got this cute pink hat polo hat - $25

I went American Eagle and there clearance was all an additional 60% off!!!
I got this thick knit taupe sweater - $16.00

And I also got this gray and white stripe dress - $12.00

I went into J Crew, but I didn't really have a lot of time in there and I just ended up getting this gold skinny belt - $13.49

And finally I went to Old Navy and got three top there for great deals!
First I got this royal blue shirt - $11.49

Then I got this light pink shirt, a similar shape to "the Necessary basic shirt" but it's more of a knit - $9.49

I also got the same top in …