organizing my vanity

My vanity is part of my antique bedroom collection...I love all of the surface area it has and it 7 drawers are SO great for storage!!
This is the overall, of my vanity...
 I keep my jewelry box on top of my vanity so I can grab it quickly when I'm late, so like all the time
 My brushes stay out so I can use them easily along with a few new q-tips
 I keep my Revlon light-up makeup mirror out for easy access
 To keep my necklaces untangled I use a command hook I also hang my most used makeup bag under that too
In the middle drawer I keep all the makeup I commonly use and all of my eye shadow 
 In the top left drawer I keep foundations/primers/eye liners I'm not using and my lip products
  In the middle drawer I keep my bathing suits and cover-ups
 In the bottom drawer, because it's the deepest I keep my scarfs
 top drawer on the right...all my skin care stuff
My hair drawer...I keep my hair products on the right side and use the clear bins for headbands and new packs of bobby pins and hair ties
 I use these three mason jars to store my clip, hair ties and bobby pins
 In the bottom drawer I my flat iron, wand and blow dryer and some random baggies...OOPS :/


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