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Christmas gift ideas

Alex & Ani - starting at just $28 they are a perfect sentimental gift for friends and loved ones!!!

Bath & Body Works is a great place to look for gifts!  It is inexpensive and I have never met anyone who didn't love it!  Their Christmas products are also GREAT!  I got this lotion for myself last year and several of my family members we all loved it!
Initials Necklace very personal unique gift.
Pandora charm they have a bracelet already that you could buy a bead for??  If not, would they like one??  I recently bought the $45 silver Pandora bracelet for my mother for Christmas and I personally have the $65 Pandora bracelet myself I love it and wear it all the time!  I get so excited when someone gets a new bead for me because I feel so special that they took the time to hand pick it!

Victoria Perfume - my absolute favorite perfume EVER!

Vera Bradley Blush and Brush Makeup Case, my latest addition to my Vera collection, would be a great gift especially to those who …