There's nothing I love more than sitting by my pool reading a great book in the summer sun! The type of books that I tend to be drawn to are ones that are really able to keep my attention, because otherwise I will not finish reading them! Today's book recommendation is no exception! It was such a quick read that kept me on the edge of my seat and wanting more.

This past weekend I finished reading The Couple Next Door and I HIGHLY recommend it! If you have read the book The Girl on the Train, you will absolutely love this book! It's the perfect "beach book" because it's a serious page turner! I don't read a ton and I finished this book in ONE week, so you know from that what a great read it is!
Without giving anything away... this novel is really able to keep your attention because there are constant plot twists right up until the end! It keeps you on the edge of your seat and really never got boring like a lot of books because it shied away from includin…


Well, I am officially starting my back to school series for this summer today, well this is more like back to college, but anyways... I thought that I should get this post up relatively early in July because of the fact that it took me all summer to get everything I need for my first year of college last summer. So, today I am sharing my Ultimate College Freshman Packing List! I am not kidding when I say I have been working on this list since at least February in order to be sure that I have thought of everything possible that you would need. 

Above is my Freshman dorm room during my second semester. I also created a blog post with my complete Freshman Dorm Room Tour with photos, organization, and links to pretty much everything in my room!
This list is designed for the most common college Freshman set up, where you have corridor style bathrooms, not for suite style, which is what I had for my Freshman year. However, if you are in a suite style room, you would need other bathroom ite…


Happy Thursday! This summer Thursday's have become one of my favorite days of the week, because I have been nannying Monday-Thursday each week, so Thursdays have turned into my Fridays now! Today I am sharing one of my new go to outfits for this summer! It's perfect for the evening when it's still warm out but not scorching! These pants are quickly becoming  favorite because they are linen so that makes them light, which is great for summer, and they are also very cute and super comfortable.

This past weekend I started reading "The Couple Next-door" at the pool and I cannot believe how quickly it's flying by. I am already halfway through reading it and so far it's a great book! I will be sharing a book recommendation next week about it so stay toned!

Behind the scenes of these photos is the always adorable Sam!


It's officially July, I don't know where my summer is going! We are now at the half way point which is pretty crazy!! Since, it is July 1st, today I am sharing lots of Fourth of July outfit inspiration with you. I love dressing in red, white, and blue for the fourth and wanted to share some of the pieces I have been seeing that I would love to wear for the holiday! This J.Crew bathing suit top and bottom are both on sale too! I am contemplating getting it because the set is so cute.


I cannot believe there are only five days left in this month! So, I realized I had to get up my June wish list! There are so many cute tops, jumpsuits, and more that I really need. Especially these Steve Madden heels that are also on sale!

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