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Welcome back! It's been a minute, whenever I start a new semester I always go in with the intention of keeping up with regular posting here on the blog, however this semester there was no such luck! Now that I am in my third week of classes, yes my college starts extremely late, pretty much after every single other college, I am trying my hardest to get back into some more regular posting! When I'm not posting on here, and when I am, you can see more updates and blog post notifications by following my along on Instagram @elegantly_elle I post on to my feed and especially to my Insta Stories on there!

The is officially my first fall post! I am so excited for everything fall and now that my birthday has come and gone, it is officially fall to me! I spent this past Sunday by the pool one last time and am now officially in full on fall mode! Today I am sharing all of my sale recommendations for today. There are a TON of sales on really good stuff right now including my all time fav…
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Well, it’s official, I’m no longer a teenager, on Sunday I turned 20! So, in honor of having two decades of my life under my belt, today I am sharing twenty things I have learned in the past twenty years! Holy crap, I cannot believe how old I am, now that I am writing this post, haha!
ONE – Stay positive Over the last year specifically I have really learned that positivity is one of the most important characteristics that I want to have. When someone thinks of me, I want them to think of a positive person. Just trying to be more positive really helps me to just have a better day and to be an overall happier person in general. While the rest of this post is not in order based on importance, this is my number one thing I have learned before I turned 20!
TWO – Be grateful I have realized it’s important to take the time to remember to be extremely grateful for everything I have, you never know how long you will have something. It’s important to be grateful especially for the little things in …



This outfit includes some of my favorite things. First this headband has been one of the best things I have picked up this summer! I have been wearing it constantly, which has lead me to be on the hunt for other similar headbands. I also found these amazing tanks that are only $4!! I currently have them in 8 different colors. It seriously is the best for the price! I bought this exact jean skirt last fall from Forever 21, so unfortunately I am unable to link it, but this is a similar jean skirt that I love.

One of the best ways that I get inspiration for my blog, is by constantly reading other blogs. Seeing other people be creative always makes me desire to be creative. Today I am sharing my top favorite blogs that I read at least on a weekly basis, if not on a daily basis. I highly recommend all of these blogs and if you like my content then you will definitely enjoy reading their blogs!

Carly the Prepster
Little Blonde Book
Lemon Stripes
The Stripe
The Small Things Blog
A S…



This month and actually most of the summer my go to outfits have consisted of a tank, a bralette, and either a skirt or linen pants. And this outfit is no different. My tank is the best and only $4!

Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist
I have been obsessed with this perfume this summer. It literally smells like summer to me! I love the light but feminine smell that this perfume gives off and I wear it almost daily!

Desperate Housewives
If you have never seen Desperate Housewives, you are missing out on such a good show! It originally aired in 2004, but it's so entertaining! It's on Hulu and you have to watch it! There are 8 seasons of this drama and I have loved every minute of it.

Starbucks Peach Green Tea Lemonade
My current Starbucks order has been a trenta peach green tea lemonade with light ice. This is so refreshing, while not being too sweet. I do not get mine sweetened, because the drink is already pretty sweet just from having the lemonade in it.

Views Podca…


I love ordering off of Amazon and I recently posted my Amazon Prime Top Picks, sharing what I frequently like to order from Amazon! I love using Amazon Prime because it’s so easy and fast! Everything I need is all in one place and there are amazing prices!

This summer I have finally had some free time to read and have been ordering most of my books from Amazon and now have a little stack waiting to be read before I go back to college! Books on Amazon are the best price and super convenient because they are all in one place and arrive in two days! The Woman in Cabin 10, The Last Mrs. Parish, and The Wife Between Us are all on my list to order andy read! I have also been really wanting to order these two cook bus by Chrissy Teigen and Joanna Gaines because their reviews are amazing!