FRIDAY FIVE | 3.9.18

Happy Friday! Sam my adorable doggie's birthday was last week and I snapped this adorable photo of him with one of his birthday presents this cute donut toy! Today I am starting a new series "Friday Five," which I have seen done by numerous bloggers over the years as a way to share five things on Fridays to wrap up the week! I had been posting "Tuesday's Top Ten," however, finding ten different things to share is a LOT! So, for a more concise way to share new things on the blog I have decided to start up this new (hopefully) weekly post!

ONE | Sales
Here are some of my sale picks going on right now!
Anthropologie Thermal - $29.95
Free People Lofty V-Neck Sweater - $63.99
Madewell Insiders Sale - 15%

TWO | CC Cream
I finally tried the it Cosmetics CC cream and I really like it! It's great for everyday to wear to class or out running errands and it actually has pretty good coverage.

THREE | $40 Floral Set
Target came out with this beautiful floral set and it&#…


While I am not going away over spring break, today I am sharing my wish list, if I was going away on vacation to somewhere warm this spring! If you will be traveling hopefully this will give you some ideas or inspiration for your spring break attire!


Happy Wednesday! Today I am sharing one of my favorite outfits that I literally wear to class all the time! This is pretty much my go to class outfit: a thermal, a bralette (haha remember real bras LOL!), my insulated bean boots (SO much warmer than my first pair!), and Lululemon align leggings! To me this outfit looks a little more pulled together than a sweatshirt and leggings which makes me feel  a little bit better about it!

This thermal is seriously just one of my favorite things to wear this winter and also on sale now for $29.95! Another thermal I have that is also amazing is this Free People one.

When I first got out of the car I wasn't sure I could take my coat off because it is seriously SO cold in New York this week. Especially right after it was in the 50's!!


So, how are you New Years Resolutions going? I know that it's January 1st, but I thought this could provide some inspiration for those who started off strong with their resolutions but might be starting to slack off! It's officially 65 days into the new year and I have already need some new encouragement to try to keep working on my goals. Back in January everyone was posting about their New Year's goals, so I guess I didn't really see the need to do so as well.

Although I didn't post about my goals for 2018 here, I did create some "visions" for what I want to accomplish in 2018! I created a vision board to help motivate me and help me to visualize myself achieving these goals. All of the vision boards that I have over seen made online use magazines that must be cut up and sometimes if you're not careful like me they look kind of messy. Being the type of person that I am, a messy vision board is just going to stress me out not help me to achieve my go…